• InstantReliefs Weightloss Pills™
  • Extreme appetite-suppressant. Quick results!
  • Effects start within hours of taking the pill.
  • Take one pill, then may not eat whole of the day.
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The best Dieting Aid in the Market.


  • Effects start within hours of taking the pill, and continue for lifetime – The Ultimate Week Course.
  • Take one pill. . . . then may not eat whole of the day if you want, because you will not feel any appetite. Be ready to loose about 20-30kg in the very first month. . . After the Ultimate Week course, the body chemistry is permanently changed for the better!
  • It doesn’t reduce the appreciation for food taste, but you will feel full stomach feeling on excess diet than required by your body. Capture the scenario: You will be able to eat one full meal a day, with normal appetite.
  • It is not a general health stimulator as Bowel Clensers, etc. are.
  • Fat Burners are a temporary cure, which leaves lots of flabby skin. If you want a permanent cureInstantReliefs Weightloss Pills™ is it.
  • No strict diet or exercise conditions.
  • Absolute zero list of do’s and don’ts: no need to adopt a particular lifestyle, particular diet, excessive assumptions. Nothing like these. Watch out out for these hidden conditions!
  • Simple Oral Pill without complications: not an exercise program, not a fat burner tea.
  • Safe with no side effects.
  • Infact, it changes the brain chemistry balance for the better, balancing Vata, Pitta, and Kapha systems of the body; all the Addiction is in the mind, not the body.
  • No need to create self will, inner power, blah blah, as the Addiction is in the mind only, and unless one don’t change the mind chemistry, nothing will work.
  • How much potent is a single pill? its our bet, our single pill equates shedding tens of pounds . . . effect other pills will not be able to give even if used all at a single time. No more patience needed anymore! . . they are extremely powerful, concentrated, well-balanced, and non-replacable by nature.
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  • Main Ingredients: Asphalt Punjabianum or Shaljit (as called in India),Kaunch, Ashwagandha, Chipak, Goggulu, Kanchi, Kutki, Brahmi, Makti, Kegal, Bee Pollen (all the ingredients in their purest unadulterated form).
  • Package Size: 30 pills (100mg) – safe, concentrated, strong.
  • Dosage: 1 pill every morning after meal, for about a week. Permanent scenario: frequency of food will be at your will, eat 500kcal/day or 3000kcal/day.
  • Price: $99 only.
  • These statements have not been reviewed by FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease(s). Preferably, discontinue other medications while on it.
  • Consult with your doctor regarding the use of this product.

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I am happy, thrilled to have found you.


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The best Dieting Aid in the Market