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InstantReliefs Anti-anxiety Program™

Extremely Quick results!

  • This is called real normalization of mind. Be calm even in the most stressful of the situations. The best therapy app in the Market.
  • One session, and say good-bye to the life-long anxiety, stresses, and adrenaline rushes. It will be the new you rebooted system. Unlearn the chronic vigilance, which once served you well but not anymore.
  • It doesn’t make you lousy and careless. You will still be vigilant but not stressful anymore. Yes, these are two separate things.
  • It doesn’t have the palliative effect as in mindfulness meditation.
  • No need for years of CBT sessions which often relapse and end up in failure. Our program needs “zero” conscious effort from your side. What can be better than playing some smartphone game and unlearning bad patterns automatically? Immediate results?
  • Psychiatric meds are certainly helpful, but only if you can find the correct one out of the myriad of options.
  • It doesn’t make you psychologically numb like Xanax, etc. If you want a durable treatmentInstantReliefs Anti-anxiety Program™ is it.
  • If you are experiencing PTSD, and bad memories still haunt you after years of the dreadful event, then take control of your life.
  • No need to visit psychiatrists or psychologists and deal with their inaptitude. It shouldn’t take months and years. Medicines maybe fruitful longterm in other cases but not for “unlearning bad behavior”. No need for difficult conditions like “healthy diet or exercise” also.
  • Absolute zero list of do’s and don’ts: no need to adopt a particular lifestyle, particular diet, excessive assumptions. Nothing like these. Watch out for these hidden conditions!
  • Simple App Game without complications: not an exercise program, not medicines. And certainly, no conscious effort required.
  • Safe with no side effects.
  • No more patience needed anymore!
  • Guaranteed! Effects start within seconds of the session, and continue for lifetime – TheUltimate Week Course.


  • Downloads: Android App.
  • Usage: 20-minutes a day, for about a week. Permanent scenario: be calm in the toughest of the situations. Experience the new norm.
  • Price: $99 only.


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Every passing day fighting against oneself is not worth it!

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The best therapy app in the Market